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Essential Oils

Enhance your Soulful Self Care with Essential Oils

I am so grateful for essential oils and how they have supported my journey in health and happiness.

My Essential Oil Story

When I was in the throes of the onset of my panic attacks I struggled to sleep at night…my mind would just not shut down. If I did finally fall asleep most of the time it didn’t last, I would often awaken after just a few hours to more monkey mind. Ughh! I was exhausted and felt so out of control. Knowing that lack of sleep was also a trigger to panic…it was like a viscous cycle. I was desperate for a solution that did not include sleeping pills. Luckily, I found essential oils. I was so relieved to find a more natural and gentle way to help me sleep. I started using lavender oil every night to help me sleep and it worked! I was so grateful. I was finally able to calm down and find rest. I then began use lavender every time I had to fly (which was frequent in my job) to help curb my anxiety. These oils were such a gift to me as I went through my journey to becoming panic free. ​ So that was the beginning of my partnership with these amazing, healing and supportive plant oils! Today, I use essential oils every single day and in multiple ways to support me and my family’s health and well being. They are part of my Soulful Self Care lifestyle. Knowing for myself how powerful and supportive essential oils (and our company’s many non-toxic lifestyle products) have been and continue to be in my own life…I can’t help but share them with others so they could also experience the benefits of these gifts of nature.


Interested in Learning more about Essential Oils?

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