Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

We have reached that auspicious day of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year...the most light coming through.

For centuries cultures have marked this day and many have built structures honoring and celebrating the gifts provided by the strength and light of the Sun. Think Stonehenge.

Our western, modern world mostly moves right on past this day without much attention. Even though as a modern culture we tend to just go about our business on this day, it does not mean that their is not a potency and significance to the energy of the day.

The Summer Solstice has a fiery energy. It is full of light and life force energy. It not only represents the sun itself and its longest day, it also celebrates the light we are...and our full potential as we awaken more and more to our true essence.

A big piece to living more aware and stepping more deeply into Soulful Self Care is making more connection with nature and her rhythms...including those of our brightest star and the rest of the cosmos!

So today we celebrate the sun! The sun in the sky and the sun within us. The light and all it brings us.

Here are some practices that might help you connect, even just for a few minutes, with awareness of the energies of this powerful day.

1. Stand barefoot on Mother Earth. Take your shoes off, stand barefoot on the earth and just let yourself connect to her. Feel the grounded-ness (ha...I think I just made that up, at least according to spellcheck!) as you connect to the earth and then look up! Let the sun (if it is out) shine on your face. Take it in allowing the physical and the energetic light absorb into you.

2. Breathe in the Sun. While you are outside, barefoot connecting to nature...take a deep, deep belly breath itaking in the sun's warmth and light as your breathe. Allow your self to full take in the pleasure of the sunlight.

3. Set an Intention. Take a few moments today to set an intention for what it is you want to call in or expand in your life. Allow this power of the sun to be felt as you declare for yourself what it is you want to create more of in your life.

4. Add a little Fire. Many cultures celebrate the solstice with a fire ceremony. You can do the same! Just light a candle or if you have a outdoor fire pit, get it going tonight. Perhaps enjoy it in solitude as you allow yourself to bask in the energies of the day and reflect on your year to date. OR...make it a gathering with those you love as you come together to honor the sun, the light, the abundance that comes in summer as the sun shines its light to nourish nature.

5. Sun Salutations. Take a few Sun Salutations to honor the sun through conscious movement of your body. Sun Salutations create heat or "tapas" in our body. The circular pattern of the series brings us into a movement meditation. As we build the heat in our body we burn away the unnecessary and allow more of the new to come in. Here is a link to learn how to do a sun salutation.

Suggested essential oil to enhance the connection with the sun today...Wild Orange. It just smells like sunshine!

I hope you enjoy this amazing, powerful day and get a chance to allow yourself to become present to the moment and to be in tune with nature and the cosmos.

Blessings to you!