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What I learned at Summer Camp Part 1

This summer I attended a grown up version of ‘’summer camp”. This particular retreat was all about play and really landing in your body, in your core. Camp was filled with fun activities like slack lines, hula hooping, Indo boards, and paddle boarding, along with some meditation and yoga of course. I learned so much about myself in these 3 days of “camp”. First and foremost the intention of this camp was about connecting with our core in a deep, playful way. And most importantly to remember to have fun! It can be SO HARD for us adults to find the play rather than the judgment, competition and doubt especially when trying something new and physically challenging. I had never been on a slack line or a paddleboard before. I was both “kiddy” with excitement and a little intimidated. We began on the slack line to help us get a sense of our core and balance in a deep way before we headed out on the water with paddleboards. We spent the first day playing on these apparatus. As you can see from the link I posted about slack lining…you are balancing on a very thin strap. We had a spotter to hold onto as we practiced (thank you Will!). It was a challenge just to get up on the slack line, several feet in the air, on one leg even with a spotter. It took me several attempts. Once I was up…the line shook like crazy. I kept “trying” to get the line to stop moving. It was crazy to watch and feel it move so much. It... read more