woman_beach_arms.jpgAre you feeling overweight & unhealthy? Stressed out & overwhelmed?

Are you sick and tired of diets that do not work?

Do you sometimes wonder if running yourself ragged is all there is to life?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have come to the right place!

It is time to finally get your Fabulous back and lose that stubborn weight for good! You can lose weight, increase your energy and shedd the stress--- all without dieting or drugs.

Mary Shackelford is a respected wellness strategist who transforms the lives of busy women by helping them lose that unwanted weight and ignite a passion for healthy living. 

Mary caters to the woman who’s trying to do it all, but often feel just too used up by life’s demands and want to take charge of their well being. With tips, tools, workshops, private VIP in home consultation and coaching, Mary helps women lose those extra 20 pounds so they can feel alive, energetic and joyful. 

As your personal wellness strategist, Mary customizes a program for each woman’s needs be it to lose weight for good or reduce stress by embracing a healthy lifestyle.  The key to Mary’s success is that rather than restricting clients to good or bad foods, she helps women achieve a happy, healthy body in a way that’s flexible, fun and free of denial.

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